Chip that Looks Like a Fish

Chips are great, because they often look like other things. This chip looks just like a fish.

Thanks Robert C!

Egg Looks Like a Chicken

Maybe it's the ghost of the baby chicken. Thanks MikenMel424

Log Looks Like A Horse's Head

If this log were a real horse, it wouldn't win any county fairs any time soon. But as far as fake horses made out of logs go, it's pretty good looking.

Thanks Dorothy!

Elvis Bacon

Mmm, Elvis Bacon.

Jesus on a Cliff

An Irish-American tourist has captured photos of an apparent apparition of Jesus Christ at the Cliffs of Moher. Sandra Clifford, a pilot from San Francisco, captured the image on her digital camnrea when she visited the famous Co. Clare tourist attraction on November 4 last. Clifford (42) and her friend Fiona Fay from Drogheda Co. Louth were spellbound by what they saw and immediately Clifford snapped the shot of what they said appeared to be the face of Jesus Christ. Fay first spotted what appeared to be an image of a man before pointing it out to Clifford. “To me it was Jesus Christ straight away,” added Clifford, who is a practicing Catholic.”

Another Chip Shaped Like Australia

One fine summer day, Janelle M. was eating a packet of Smith's Thin Cut Potato Chips, when suddenly, she dropped one. Being a firm believer of the 10 second rule, she picked that bad boy back up. Too her surprise, it was shaped like Australia!